Youth Mental Health Council

Young minds

They are our future – our county will thrive if our children grow up healthy, happy and educated. They are our children, and their well-being relies on a community that supports its families.

Growing up isn’t easy…

At a time when children are forming life-long values, attitudes, and mental health, they may need help beyond the resources of the family and classroom. Children live in a society where values are constantly changing and they often encounter additional stresses – divorce, social pressures, death in the family, economic difficulties, and other factors beyond their control. Children thrive when they are surrounded by love, safety, resources, and a supportive community.

Community resources can help

Bexar County offers mental health support through social service agencies, health systems, counseling centers, school systems and a variety of non-profit organizations offering services for families, adolescents and children.

Community Health Bridge
Mental Health Consortium

Young Minds Matter Identifies and Unites.

Young Minds Matter focuses on assisting parents and youth recognize and address youth mental health issues and identify resources for help. The program coordinates outreach, awareness, education, and resource collaboration efforts to empower the community, raise awareness, and combat stigma. The Youth Mental Health Advisory Council is a multi-disciplinary group of community members with representatives from local agencies and organizations involved in supporting healthy young minds.